Boudoir photoshoot

I’ve finally ticked off another thing off my list! Last week I went for a boudoir photoshoot at the very talented Bcaptured Photography studio.

This was one of the ones I’ve been dying to do but thought I’d never get round to it, until I took the plunge. I was told I would get my makeup and hair done and to bring two ‘sexy outfits and let them do the rest…

I turned up feeling slightly nauseous at the thought of taking my kit off in front of a stranger but the girls made me feel so comfortable straight away. Georgia glammed me up with plenty of glitter (just how I like it!) And then I was told to get in my outfit No 1 and Beccy would start my shoot. After my first pose and couple of snaps later the nerves went completely and I really enjoyed it. It was fun, Beccy let me have my input on what poses I would be comfortable with and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! As I had just got engaged a couple of days before (YAY!💍) I asked if I could have some completely naked yet tasteful snaps for my fiance as a surprise, Beccy was encouraging and made me feel completely secure in what I was doing.

I had the photos back tonight, all 67 of them and I adore them, even I can’t stop looking at them thinking.. damn… is this actually me?! 😂

Obviously I’m not going to splash everything I have to offer over the internet but I have been allowed to post one so you get the idea!

I encourage anyone who wants to do a shoot like this to just go for it, it’s such fun to do and the photos are amazing! Thanks so much to the team at Bcaptured in Leek! 📸

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