Sky bar in Bangkok

So this is a new addition to the list because I didn’t realise how much I would actually love seeing this place, plus, I’m incredibly lucky to have experienced this, its a truly amazing place that you need to see!

This is probably the most famous rooftop bar in Bangkok due to it being featured in the film, Hangover 2. There are a few others in Bangkok but as we were only going to get to visit one, we thought we may as well visit the most famous and it did not disappoint! The views from the 64th floor were incredible! Very, very windy because of how high we actually were but so worth it. The Sky Bar is based inside a gorgeous hotel called Lebua at State Tower, as soon as we stepped inside we were glad we dressed up to fit in, the staff were so friendly too, although the lift seemed to take FOREVER due to it being on the 64th floor 😂

The staff in the bar are really attentive, they even offer to take numerous photos for you and have a torch to make sure you get the best lighting also, a nice touch I thought! The drinks were pricey, we stayed for 2 cocktails each, cost us £74 but I suppose it’s worth it for the views and memories! I recommend anyone to go visit if you get the chance in Bangkok, dress up and live like celebrities for an hour or two- great night!


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