Five feet apart

So last night I went to see Five Feet Apart at the cinema with mum and Gemma, I took a pack of tissues because if it was anything like the book, they were very much needed! So for anyone who cares here’s my thoughts on the film, as it has had some criticism in the press, mainly due to ignorant people who have no experience of CF (aren’t they the lucky ones!). The film was amazing, possibly a little too close to home for me and my family but it was important for me to see it regardless, Will Newman has B Cepacia, an extremely stubborn bacteria that is highly resistant to antibiotics, basically, it’s a twat. I also have the same ‘bug’ which for anyone who has read the book or seen the film will know I also don’t have the option to be considered for new lungs, there is no ‘plan B’ for me, which is why I think the hardest part of the film was when Stella was getting her new lungs, as much as it’s an amazing gift to anyone who has that opportunity, it makes me slightly jealous that I don’t even get a discussion of the possibility of new lungs now and I don’t think that makes me a bad person. The whole film portrays Cf really well in my opinion, we are so lucky to reach our teenage years never mind become young adults, which is why there’s not one person I know with Cf who doesn’t live life to their fullest, we all have the same outlook on life, we know it’s far too short, we watch our closest friends die, we have to watch the torment our families go through whenever we catch a cold or have to have treatments in hospital, we don’t take any of this for granted. If that means we are reckless and impulsive at times, just go with it because as the film says, it’s only life and it’ll be over before we know it. The film is incredible to raise awareness, because considering Cf is becoming more and more common (sadly!) there is still a huge amount of people who have never heard about it. It can only do wonders for the taboo around organ donation, you don’t need them if your not living anymore, but they can help someone live that little bit longer, so make sure your on the register! It also show that love knows of no boundaries, even a bitch like Cf cross contamination cant stop it 😂 So there’s my view on the film and how it affected me, it’s incredibly moving and also powerful but the writing and research to portray Cf realistically, is pretty spot on! Top and bottom of it, giving someone life is the best gift you can give, live life to the absolute fullest, even on the darkest of days and read the book! Or watch the film, but I recommend the book first! 💜 #fivefeetapart #cysticfibrosis #65roses #organdonation

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