Woodgate Festival 2019

So last weekend I ticked off another thing on my list- going to a festival! 💃🏻 Now typically festivals involve weekend camping, further a field but being realistic, I couldn’t manage overnight at a festival never mind a weekend! Never the less, it had all the other things festivals are famous for, copious amounts of mud, alcohol, dancing and gross port-a-loo’s!🍻 So on Saturday I headed to Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire for the Woodgate Festival, a night full of glitter, space buns and cheesy 90s pop bands, who wouldn’t love that?! I went with my older sister and her friends and we had such a good time, Five kicked off the festival and I was in my element. I felt 8 years old again, belting out every word and remembering all the dance moves. Followed by other nostalgic pop acts, Lolly, Phats and small, blazin squad, atomic kitten and Bewitched I was obviously loving my life. Although it was chucking it down with rain and freezing cold, it didn’t stop us having fun, but after it finished all I thought is thank god I can go home, get a bath and warm up (getting old!) My festival experience was amazing, I was so happy fangirling over the boybands and my wellies sinking in the mud but it also confirmed for me that I’d be hopeless at a weekend long festival 😂. So that’s another thing ticked off the list! What next?! 🤔

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